Produce Your Own Special Edition

We can now offer you the opportunity to participate more directly in this worldwide strategic prayer initiative, by producing and printing your own “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World” booklet versions, branded under YOUR name.

Consider mobilizing your own constituency (your church, your media audience, your school or ministry supporters) to pray with you for our world’s Muslim neighbors--with hope, faith and love. You will be able to distribute your own booklet(s) at a cost, for free or for a donation; it is up to you. Besides mobilizing more prayer for this important topic from an audience only you can reach, this will also:

  • Promote your church or ministry
  • Expand your constituency's worldview horizons
  • Enable them to respond more positively to the Islamic challenge as portrayed in daily news
  • Build unity and motivation as your audience sees your name on the booklet and follows the same prayer calendar

What is Involved?

— You can request a limited-use license for the material of any year's “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World” booklet(s). (You may request such license for the adult version, Just for Kids version or for both.)

— The license fee depends on the number of booklets you want to print. The following example is for the adult booklet version: The minimum license fee is $2,500 and authorizes you to print up to 5,000 of you own booklets as specified below. An additional $300 is charged for each 1,000 booklets above 5,000 and up to 10,000 booklets. The per/1,000 rate then declines to $150 up to the quantity of 50,000, and declines further to $75 per/1,000 above that quantity.

For example

For the adult-version booklet we would provide you, for one-time use, with the original lay-out files, so that, if you wish, you will be able to:

  • Place your name and logo on the front cover.
  • Exclude the pages at the end of the booklet that feature other ministries.
  • Exclude the center pages that feature recommended published resources for further study.
  • Exclude the last page (an Order form page).
  • Add up to two pages of your own design and content to the beginning of the booklet.
  • Change page numbers to match the new arrangement of the material.
  • (Any other modification will only be permitted with prior written approval.)

To express your interest and request additional information, please email

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