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The WorldChristian bookstore has a passion to provide strategic, thoughtful, educational and inspirational resources (at discount prices) that nourish a WorldChristian perspective. The bookstore ministry has operated since 1993 — online and at a many mission conferences around the country.

Our selection of titles has been commended by many Christian leaders over the years (including by the late Dr. Ralph Winter) as constituting one of the best and most unique selections of titles for WorldChristians anywhere. Here are just a few samples of the many great resources on Islam available at

Explaining the Trinity to Muslims

A culturally relevant presentation of the truth of the Trinity to the Muslim mindset.
A Muslim's Mind

A must-read for anyone who wants to truly understand how Muslims think and live.
Miraculous Movements

Read the true stories of how imams, sheikhs and entire mosques are embracing Christ.
Muslims, Christians and Jesus

How Christians think about and respond to Islam could be the most significant issue of our time.
The Jesus Accounts DVD

Addressing Muslim concerns that the Bible is unreliable.
Healing the Broken Family of Abraham

For those who seek to understand Islam, and to reach out to Muslims lovingly and effectively.
A Wind in the House of Islam

Something is happening in the Muslim world, over the last couple decades more than 60 new movements have emerged.
What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Qur'an

Valuable for all Christians who want to communicate intelligently with their Muslim neighbors.
Who Is My Enemy?

Questions American Christians Must Face about Islam--And Themselves.

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