What Are Other Participants Saying?

For years I've loved your work and had our e3 team buy bunches of the prayer guides. Can't help but think that the harvest we are seeing is a direct result of how God has used you and all of your efforts brother. Thank you.
Every Christian today should know about Islam. Every church should be wrestling with how God might have them reach out to and pray for Muslims around the world and in their communities. There is no better resource available to accomplish this calling of living in the modern world than the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World. By joining this movement, you will be joining the Holy Spirit’s work in drawing Muslims to Christ.
Thank you for your ministry to the Body of Christ. Each year I look forward to the Ramadan prayer guides. Each year they seem to get better and better while appearing deceptively simple. But it is evident that much love, prayer, research and hard work goes into producing them. Thank you for helping the Church to bring Muslims before the throne of God.
Thank you for your excellent work in 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World. I felt privileged to join thousands of others, agreeing in prayer through Ramadan. Prayer is the work, and God will and is responding powerfully.
We are in the midst of the greatest turning of Muslims to Christ in 14 centuries of Muslim-Christian interaction. More than 80% of all the Muslim movements to Christ in history have occurred in the past two to three decades, a time period that coincides with the modern prayer movement for Muslims. At the heart of this modern prayer movement is 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World.
Congratulations—The 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World this year is written in such a compassionate, loving way. It is refreshing to pray through; thanks!
I just completed the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World booklet, and was very blessed and motivated.
I sent emails to some friends and family members and asked if they would commit to doing this with me. We all committed to be prayer partners during the 30 Days of Prayer and it has made such a difference in our lives. We all feel that our hearts have been changed towards people we feared AND people we didn't even know existed… I will continue to pray for the people who live in countries that don't allow their people to accept, worship, or even know who Christ is… Thank you for sending me the booklet and thereby giving me the privilege to participate in the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World.
I appreciate the 2015 edition of 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World more than any of others. I find it informative but appreciate the personal testimonies so much. It is encouraging to hear the effects in answer to our prayers
I just finished 30 Days booklet for 4th or 5th year. I am a Christian & Missionary Alliance pastor with many friends ministering to Muslims around the world. Thanks so much! This booklet is SO WELL written. Every year my eyes are opened and my heart is broken for Muslims. Thanks again!
I unexpectedly received the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World from VOM and faithfully prayed through it each day. Thank you for the excellent presentation and the detailed information. I'm thankful for the opportunity to pray. I will continue to pray and look forward to next year's edition. You've done a great job. The Lord laid this on my heart: I’m going to read the book "A Wind in the House of Islam" next.
Blessings on you and the ministry to which God has called you. The prayer booklets are incredible; so well made. Good quality. Inspiring stories. And any such thing that moves the heart of God’s people toward intercession and prayer is a blessing! May God continue to pour out favor upon you and your daughter as you rally God’s people to pray for the Muslim world. Thank you for what you do.
In the past two years, the Lord has blessed me personally by being able to pray for the people groups mentioned in your publication each year with thirty different women; a new prayer partner each day. We have prayed over local and international phone calls, early, in the morning or late at night, in parks, and in the back seat of vehicles.
I believe this is our 4th or 5th year to use the guides. What a blessing they have been! We are looking forward to using them again this year.
This was the best edition ever, and I have been using these for many years. It was informative as well as prayerful.
This is the best prayer guide yet! We looked forward each day to reading and praying. The amount of information on each page was just right. Graphics and special features were inviting. We did have some trouble reading the black on green prayer ideas. Keep up the good work! Prayer is becoming more crucial as world events unfold in the Muslim world.
I have a few Muslims I have been praying for, and I was very excited to get this [prayer guide] at church. I prayed daily and enjoyed learning about what God is doing in the Muslim world. I was thankful for the ideas of how to pray, and plan to keep praying about those until next year's booklet comes out! Thanks so much.
God bless you for this attractive booklet, and the prayers of guidance, as well as the helpful information.
I've been using this [annual] prayer guide since it's beginning in 1993 and love it. It's wonderful to each year learn more about how to pray for Muslims
Thanks for putting together the 30 Days of prayer for the Muslim World. I have been using it for 4 years now and it is well done. It is informative of the needs and the Muslims worldwide. As a Canadian I like the reference to the Muslim community in Canada. I find it very helpful for prayer. It also helps me a school teacher in a very multi-ethnic school in Hamilton ON to better understand and minister to parents and children in my school. I also think the guide helps us to better understand and associate with Muslims who are part of communities where we live. Thanks for your work. Looking forward to next year's. God Bless.
My compliments on your 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World. I have appreciated your booklet and call to prayer for Muslims for the past three years. I otherwise probably would not have prayed for them as I should. And your booklet provides tremendous information as to the various Muslim groups and identities around the world. It struck me this year [however] that readers are being denied better understanding of the threat of Islam in the world.
God bless you for this attractive booklet, and the prayers of guidance, as well as the helpful information.
Your 30 Days of Prayer guide gave us very important information that we will remember as we think of Muslims. Keep up the good work.
This is the third time that I have used your 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World. It is a real asset to know how to pray for Muslims. I was especially grateful for the specific prayer requests for each day, they were so helpful. Thank you for this wonderful tool.
I really like the Muslim Prayer Guide; I have used it for many years and have learned a lot from it (plus I prayed of course). What I would love to see is a Buddhist Prayer Guide as well.
This [30 Days] has been such a blessing to me and has opened my eyes to what God is doing and wants to do in the Muslim world. I'd like to see more testimonies of how people have come to Christ. Thank you.
My neighbor has a great burden for the Muslim people and she has shared a copy of the 30 Days of Prayer with me for the past four years. I thank God for you all and the good work you're doing. It has been and continues to be a joy to join you in praying for the salvation of the Muslim people! One comment about this year's booklet is that the Prayer Ideas on the Dark Green in Black print was extremely difficult for an older person like me to read. Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed reading the booklet and was encouraged by its content. Thanks again for this great opportunity to pray for the Muslim people.
I buy and use this prayer guide every year and I love it! It is very informative and helps guide my praying for Muslims.
I'm feeling a letdown that this year's 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World has come to an end. Of course, my prayers will continue, but I will miss using your booklet and already look forward to next year. Thank you for this wonderful guide, written with so much information and with respect and love for others. Each year I order twenty and pray for guidance on who to give them to. Thank you again for this ministry.
Wow, what a great idea. I wish I had found out about it earlier. On vacation I visited a church that gave me one of these prayer guides. While using it, I will also pray that this will spread like wildfire and more people will pray for, instead of fussing over, the Muslim world. Ramadan takes on a whole new meaning for me now. Now I want to know more Muslims and how to reach them, which is why I am including an order for one of your many books.
This is the first time that I received the "30 Days Prayer Guide." I DO appreciate the guide. My wife and I read it during our daily devotions. It is good to read something that seems balanced in dealing with the Muslim world. I feel it is vital to be praying for such a great influence in the world.
Sincerely thankful for your faithfulness in offering this 30 Days prayer guide.
I like this Guide very much. The personal stories and insights into Muslim thinking and cultures help me pray with more heart and understanding.
Praying through that [30 Days prayer] guide is one of the highlights of the year for me. Excellent. Thank you for compiling it. I always learn much about cultures and history.
I want to thank you for the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World guide. It was so well done--attractive, informative, and inspiring. I was grateful to be able to participate! I've enclosed a small donation to assist your ministry. God bless you and keep up this important work.
I appreciate the emphasis on Grace and Truth.
We home school and used the children's booklet version for many years. The information, graphics and photos were all outstanding. Thank you for the effort you've made.
I am glad to find a positive attitude and concern in these prayer guides, and for the avoidance of stereotypes. They are people with their own hopes, fears, loves, hates, convictions like everyone else.
This is an outstanding prayer resource that I value and cherish.
I still have a fear of them, but as a I pray for them to know Jesus, the fear is less.
This year's focus has given me a tender heart toward them.
I look forward to your informative Ramadan booklet every year.
I so appreciate how the prayer guide is written with respect and calmness, yet love for all to hear and know about the gospel. I find it to be educational as well as devotional. Thank you so much.
We are now more comfortable talking to them about Jesus.
My first time. I am seeing through "new" eyes, and am brought to shame for the attitude I've had.
I was scared of them and never thought of praying for them; I thought it was hopeless. This was my first time, and I was blessed. I loved that the booklet wasn't condemning or hateful toward Muslims, but encouraged us to reach out in love.
I live in a Muslim neighborhood. The information and prayers help me develop a healthy attitude toward my neighbors.
Because of Obama's reaching out unjustly toward Muslims, I had felt much anger. Your booklet helped my anger and changed my heart toward Muslims.
I am so thankful for this booklet! It not only helps me to understand our Muslim neighbors, but helps my prayer life too.
I appreciate the specific ways to pray, because I would not otherwise know.
Excellent resource for educating, informing and motivating to pray, thank you!
I found the reminder to respect others as a goal to work on.
It greatly expanded my prayer circle. I was able to get ten others to do this with me, and hope to find more next year.
I really appreciated the way the info was organized; many points made me think.
God led three Saudi women to visit our church on the very day that Saudi Arabia was the prayer guide topic. We have an ongoing relationship with these women now; the guide prepared our hearts.
It is so helpful to have a guide in praying for Muslims. God loves them too.
I found the prayer guide to be very informative causing me to think about cultures and parts of the world I know nothing about. Thank you!
This was my first time. I never really had a particular attitude toward Muslims; this helped define it. I appreciate your commitment to truth, accuracy and love.
I am struggling with my attitude toward Muslims, am asking God to change it. I am praying out of obedience to God.
I always look forward to reading your prayerful and carefully prepared material. I find it God-honoring. Kneeling with you in prayer. Thank you,, your efforts are not in vain!
Thanks again for an extremely thoughtful and insightful prayer guide. I liked your interspersal of country/peoples profiles with explanations of different aspects of Islam. I will use the guide throughout the year.
With so much hurt and anger caused by extremists, it's vital we re-focus on praying for their salvation. It also helped us understand and pray for our son's Malaysian Muslim roommate.
It is encouraging to be part of a global team with a similar prayer target for 30 days.
Wonderful resource. The Lord convicted me of a hardness in my heart against Muslims.
This has made me see Muslims in a different light. I believe prayer can change the world; and me too.
Last year, I picked up a booklet from a local church and it had such an impact on my prayer life and my attitude. This year I want to make certain that I have the opportunity to get additional booklets. Truthfully, my entire perspective changed and I owe much to this prayer plan. I have continued to pray all year long. Thank you for this ministry.
Thanks for an excellent job. It's such a great tool for stimulating prayer for Muslims.
The booklets look excellent... as always you all did a great job!!!
I've prayed through the 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus for many years. I personally haven't found a better resource than your wonderful Prayer Guide to help me pray for Muslims with clear understanding of who they are and their needs. I believe consistent prayer lays the foundation for the Lord's breakthroughs, so I hope every Christian everywhere prays through your Guide so that we can see the Lord's name established throughout the entire Muslim world. Thanks for your hard work. Eternity will show its impact!
The whole world is aware of the rise of Islamic passions. Unfortunately, for many the response is fear and hatred; that is not heaven’s response. Through the 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus, we can tune into God’s heart for people--and that never results in fear or hatred. The prayer guide booklet published each year provides invaluable knowledge, and that also helps us to approach Muslims with Godly hearts. As we learn and pray, the kingdom of fear is driven back and the Kingdom of God advances.
Just wanted to say thank you for doing this, and thank you for the heart with which you do it. I work in ministry in Minneapolis, an area with a massive Somali population, so Islam is a significant force here. Given the lack of true understanding of the Muslim faith, a booklet like this is a real blessing and wonderful tool for others on my team. So may the Lord bless you for being part of this work, and for having a hand in bringing God's Kingdom among other communities where you are not even directly involved! It is an amazing gift.
A co-worker and I from World Impact have been praying through your 30-day prayer guide about Muslims, and we have found it enormously helpful. Thanks for the work you do on this. The Kingdom is being built and expanded through this, so keep it up!
I liked your new horizontal lay-out which gave the booklet a unique look, distinguishing it from other prayer resources. It was colorful with pictures of people and locations that gave a tangible feel to our prayers. It is easy to use and look through. The resource pages in the middle are great and quite helpful. Thank you for your efforts.
We have been following the 30 Days for a number of years now. Of course we will continue. We think it is very important to pray for our Muslim friends. Our church here in Edmonton Canada orders a supply every year and that's where we got ours this year. This is an excellent prayer resource and it helps us to learn more and understand the Muslim world better. Thank you for doing this wonderful service for the Kingdom of our God.
I have been using the 30 Day Muslim Prayer Focus in both English and Dutch for many years. This is a wonderful way to meet the real world of Islam—a world you may not have encountered physically—and to connect them to the throne of God. Being aware of the growing influence of Islam, this book helps us gain the right attitude towards Muslims and to let the compassion of Jesus through us influence their lives. Think big! This is the only way all of us can influence them.
THANKS for making these Prayer Guides available. They are a great help as we pray during Ramadan for the Muslims of our world.
The Muslim world is a challenge to Christians--especially since 9/11. We will not impact Muslims through our theological arguments or political manipulation, but we will through prayer. The annual 30 Day prayer emphasis that coincides with the Muslim month of Ramadan has been a remarkable global effort to focus millions of Christians on prayer for the spiritual needs of Muslims. Is it surprising, then, that during the 15 years of the 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus there has been a corresponding rise in the number of Muslims turning to Christ? May God call many more as intercessor-priests (Rev 5-8) to change our world and extend His Kingdom!
Send me information regarding next year's booklet. I found the information helpful in focusing my thoughts and prayers on Muslim / Christian matters. Thank you.
I appreciate all the work put into the 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus! I've been following it for years now....the content is incredible and it's so neat to join with others during that time. Just in case it's worth noting, now that I'm at the border line for reading glasses, this year's colored ink made it difficult to read. Thanks so much for the research and work done in layout, the intro to the world areas was very helpful with the maps to follow, I was impressed.
Thank you so much. I have used the prayer guides for many years, and this year's version is far and away the best I've seen. The personal glimpses and the descriptive text lead us into a more clearly directive prayer... The maps and other illustrations were great, and the 'Focus' pages gave good overviews. I shall keep it as a prayer reference. Keep up the good work.
The first time I read the Ramadan prayer guide was in 1993. It changed my heart and prayer life. I'm eager to pray for the Muslims again...for them to truly know God's love through Jesus. This is one anointed booklet. Thank you for making it available!.
Thank you for your faithful publication of the 30 Days Prayer Guide, we are certainly seeing a difference in North Africa with more fruit than ever before which really began after the prayer focus was instituted! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!
I believe that someday soon we're going to see a great turning to Christ in the Muslim world. The special prayer focus is important. Think back to the mention of Herat, Afghanistan, the Kurds in Iraq, the Uighur people, and others and look at how much has changed in those areas since they were mentioned for prayer. At the time they were mentioned it seemed impossible to reach them, now there's adequate opportunity. May God continue to give special leading to those who select items to include in the Prayer Guide!
We all recognize the need to pray. We've all been challenged to pray for the world. The hard thing is knowing how to do that well. The 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus is the kind of tool that enables effective prayer. We at the U.S. Center for World Mission, Mission Frontiers magazine, and William Carey Library publisher don't want to fill your mailbox with more good things to do, we know you are likely very busy, BUT, we do want to encourage you to join in with the thousands-if not millions-who will be praying this fall for the Muslim world. This year's events from the war in Iraq to the release of the film, The Passion, have continued to bring focus on this part of the world. Let's join together and go before our Lord for the advance of His purposes in all the earth.
With great disappointment I turned to the last page in my booklet '30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus' which I faithfully prayed through during the month of Ramadan. Now what do I do? My whole perception of the Muslim people has changed. I used to have a vague perception of them as being extreme and scary--and far away, not my concern. After praying for them for 30 days I find myself much better educated about their beliefs and culture, AND, I have a heavy, compassionate burden to see them come to the truth in Christ, especially the women and children.
I have a feeling God is doing something important in my heart. My husband is currently enlisted in the U.S. Army. learning the intricacies of satellite communications. When his enlistment is up in two years, he will be able to work anywhere in the world. Perhaps God is calling us to a country where Christians cannot easily go... All this from your brochure which someone handed to me in church one Sunday!
I need to continue praying daily for these people. Please send me any prayer calendars or booklets that you have available (for ANY foreign people groups). Of course, I want to be included next year! I don't want to miss out on the serious and joyful responsibility of interceding for such an important worldwide need. In the meantime, I will go back to page one and start over in the booklet that I have here. Your ministry is awesome.
The 30 Days Prayer Focus booklet is a tremendous resource for individuals, Bible study groups, families, churches, etc. The children's version is especially great for Christian schools, Sunday school classes, and young family members. As a missions pastor, I have used this resource in all the above settings and have seen it be a wonderful tool for the mobilization of prayer for the Muslim world. We purchased a number of copies to distribute throughout our church and school. It is put together with thought and prayer, and done with excellence as well. I highly recommend this resource and will be ordering it each year it comes out.
We have been using the Ramadan prayer guide. It is very helpful. Thank you for putting it together. May our God answer our prayers more than we could even ask or imagine.
What a joy to join with thousands around the globe in prayer for the millions of Muslims for whom Christ died. I am grateful for your dedicated and anointed efforts in producing the materials and organizing this special focus.
Our entire Sunday School Class has realized what a tremendous responsibility we have in praying for the Muslim people. We were not aware of the rapid growth among them.
A group of singles is meeting every Sunday night to study and pray with your booklet. Thank you!
I very much enjoyed using your 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus book during the month of Ramadan. It was a wonderful addition to my quiet times, and I learned so much from it. Please keep me informed about similar items, such as the Hindu Prayer Focus booklet.
I realized that there is hope in reaching the seemingly unreachable, thanks! I hope to participate next year. I was shocked to know how little we know about the Muslim faith.
Thanks for such an excellent guide to pray for Muslims. We used it at our church, and found a number of people very faithful in prayer and fasting. Our hearts have been changed.
We have a Muslim student living with us. I was able to share more insightfully with him and pray more effectively for him.
As a 60 year old student at Okla. St. U. I come in contact with Muslim students every day. My attitude toward them has changed significantly.
I had limited contact with Arab people and viewed them primarily as enemies of Israel. This has reminded me of the need to pray for both Jewish and Muslim people, no matter what my or their political philosophies are.
The most condensed, educational, and broadening instrument to us general people I have ever seen!
This has really opened my eyes to the Muslim world. The guide is on our breakfast table; we remember every day to pray for Muslims. It has been the most interesting prayer program we have ever done.
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