What Is It & Why?

The 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World is a prayer focus which coincides yearly with Ramadan, an important month of fasting and religious observance for Muslims. Christians worldwide are called upon to make an intentional but respectful effort during that period to learn about, pray for and reach out to Muslim neighbors.

While Media sound bites about Islamic extremism can too easily incite anger, fear and even hatred towards Muslims, we seek to resist this temptation to generalize, and instead, resolve to respond and pray with the mind and heart of Christ.

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Join the millions of Christians around the world who regularly participate in this largest ongoing international prayer focus on the Muslim world. A new full-color prayer guide booklet—available in both adult and kids versions—is produced each year, and is a proven tool helping Christians to understand and to persistently pray for Muslim neighbors and nations.

The editorial work for this prayer movement was initially coordinated in Australia, then in France, then in Germany and is currently managed in the U.K.. The North American edition has been published continuously since 1993 by WorldChristian.com.

It is not our intention with this prayer focus during Ramadan to disparage Islam or Muslim sentiments in any way. We recognize that humans and the Muslim world are far too complex to simply condense or explain with a mere booklet. However, at the same time, it is our sincere desire that Muslims the world over would have the opportunity to freely understand and consider the Good News—Jesus Christ.

How to mobilize your church, ministry, school, donors, friends, neighbors

Thousands of ministries and churches from many denominations participate regularly. They order discounted copies in bulk to distribute to their people. Many participants have commented on how much they have learned about Islam, and how their negative attitudes about Muslims have been changed as they read about, prayed for and even reached out to Muslims.

  • Order additional booklets (bulk-discounts start at 10 copies) to hand out, or to sell.
  • Request additional copies of the annual flyer/order form to give or mail to others.
  • Download, print and display the poster on bulletin boards at work and in churches.
  • Feel free to use our image(s) / text to promote “30 Days” in your communication channels.
  • Let your Facebook friends know.
  • Organize a meeting a couple weeks before Ramadan starts to talk about it.

Frequently, people express surprise and regret that they had not known about this prayer focus earlier. To request (additional) flyers (let us know how many), contact us with your name and address.

This period doesn't fit your schedule?

If this particular 30-day period does not fit your church's or ministry's schedule, by all means, feel free to plan a different 30-day period!

Muslims in North American Neighborhoods

We see an increasing influx of people from Muslim lands into our communities. Many of them are refugees from troubled areas of the world, others are students or immigrant families seeking to better their lives through study and hard work. Most of them are very open to get to know people in their new communities. Unfortunately, when surveyed, few have ever been invited into Christian homes. We believe that this is a God-given opportunity to North Americans to demonstrate Christian love and hospitality by welcoming the stranger among us.

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This website serves 30 Days for North America. For the international site go to www.pray30days.org